Chishtiya Ribbat Sufi Studies Center


The Path of The Heart

Chishtiya Ribbat is a place to stay and station for all the seekers of the sufi path – the path of the heart. We are committed to disseminating traditional Sufi knowledge in the modern world. Our teachings are based on the Chisti notion of Ishq Ustad (Love is the teacher). We are concerned with a person as a whole.

We are interested in educational approaches that call forth that which is inside each person. Chishtiya Ribbat resists the idea that education comprises only of courses, pre-requirements, and credits.

We also seek to be an institute where students are not only thinkers but doers; devoted to reason and investigation when it comes to the questions of religion; civic minded and interested in congregational life as an important element in creating a better society; exemplary in character, and tolerant of different opinions yet firm in personal convictions.

Sahibzada Asim Maharvi
Chishtiya Ribbat
Studies Center